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Aigli Luxury Villa


Vakis Villa

Private: Andromeda Villa


Status Grande Villa


Nisaki Villa


Amor Beach Villa


Yiota Villa


Kardaris Villa


Luxury Villa Mont Bleu


Andon Villa


Eleon Villa

Private: Annaset Villa


Artina Luxury Villa

Deep Blue Villa

Deja vu Villas Symeon

Arismari Villas K1

Fantasia Villa

Harmonia Villa

Arismari Villas k3

Crystal Villa

Tambouros Boutique Villas


Perla Luxury Beach Villa

Frido Luxury Villa


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Here’s a selection of our favorite villas in Greece, which we think are just stunning (and great value).

Villas in Greece Zakynthos Beach Villas

Less than 15min to the beach.

Villas in Greece Zakynthos Villas With Pools

Splash out on a villa holiday!

Villas in Greece Zakynthos Luxury Villas

Luxury Villas

Villas full of character!

Villas in Greece Zakynthos Villas For Large Groups

Whether you’re celebrating a special event or just want to spend some time with your favourite people, stay in a villa.

Villas in Greece Zakynthos Greek Villas Near Villages

Are you looking for something charming with villages within walking distance? Browse our range of Greek villas.

Zakynthos Hotels villas
Top Villas in Greece – Zakynthos for 2024

Zakynthos Hotels villas. Ensure your holiday is truly one of a kind in any of these unique private villas and holiday homes from our Exclusive Collection. We’ve handpicked these properties as they’re perfect for families, ideally situated in popular locations and (most importantly!) represent the best value for money. Even better, you won’t find them anywhere else!

Mont Bleu, Luxury Villa, Akrotiri, Zakinthos, Greece, large swimming pool

Greece Zakynthos, Akrotiri

Luxury Villa Andromeda 

Greece Zakynthos, Vasilikos

Aigli Villa Zakynthos pool

Greece Zakynthos, Agios Kirikas

Villa Vakis private pool Zakynthos

Villa Vakis Sea View

Greece Zakynthos, Porto Koukla

Greece Zakynthos, Agios Sostis

Greece Zakynthos, Akrotiri

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