The life of Caretta Caretta turtle in Zakynthos

The Caretta Caretta Turtle is living in the Mediterranean and it is possible to meet it there since it spawns along the beaches of the Laganas Gulf. Characteristics The average turtle measures around 90 cm (35 in) in carapace length when fully grown. The adult loggerhead sea turtle weighs approximately 135 kg (298 lb). The skin ranges from yellow to […]

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Shipwreck Beach Number 1 in Europe

Greece Shipwreck, also known as Navagio Beach, in Zakynthos, Greece, is one of those places that belongs in a magazine. Found in a secluded cove and surrounded by towering golden cliffs, this beach is only accessible by boat, but once you arrive, swimming in the turquoise waters while soaking in your surroundings will be an […]

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