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Luxury Villas In Greece Holidays Villas in Ionian sea Island Zakynthos

Immerse yourself in the allure of our private villas, turning your summer dream into reality in a little corner of paradise. Experience joyous moments under the glittering Mediterranean sun, amidst olive tree hill slopes, crystalline beaches, and tranquil coves.

Discover your perfect vacation home from our carefully selected rental villas in Greece, situated on the beautiful island of Zante. Our handpicked luxury villas cater to all budgets, ensuring an unforgettable and tailored experience for your holiday. Explore, unwind, and make your Zakynthos getaway extraordinary with us.

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Villas Zante Greece Zakynthos Ionian Island Villa pool

Discover a curated selection of our favorite villas in Greece, specifically in Zakynthos. Experience the stunning beauty of these exquisite accommodations.

Luxury Boutique Villa, Greece Vasilikos, Zante, Greece, pool, sunbeds

Less than 15 minutes to the beach! Explore secluded coves in Zakynthos for a romantic getaway or discover the best sandy beaches with calm waters for a family retreat.”

Villas With Pool in Greece

Indulge in a luxurious Zakynthos holiday with a private villa! Enjoy exclusive access to your own space and a private pool, perfect for you, your friends, or family.

Luxury Villa, Keri Lake, Zante, Ionian, large pool

Luxury Villas in Greece

Discover villas full of character! Our luxury accommodations range from stylishly contemporary to opulently elegant, offering incredible grounds, spectacular swimming pools, shaded terraces, and outstanding views.

Luxury Villa Greece, Akrotiri, Zakinthos, Greece, large swimming pool

Discover well-equipped villas in Zante, conveniently located near villages, towns, and beaches. Perfect for everyone, with ample indoor and outdoor space for both youngsters to play and grown-ups to find a quiet retreat.

Villas in Greece Zakynthos Greek Villas Near Villages

Seeking charm with villages within walking distance? Explore our secluded villa collection for a private holiday away from it all. Browse our range of Greek villas for a perfect escape.

Zante Vacation Rentals Homes & Villas Handpicked Luxury Villas in Greece

Rent houses Greece- Holiday rentals Greece – House & villas rentals- Breeze Tour Villas Zante

Explore the enchanting island of Zakynthos, adorned with white rocks emerging from the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea and sandy beaches cradled in verdant cliffs. Steeped in history from Homer’s Odyssey and known as the ‘flower of the east’ by the Venetians, Zakynthos is a holiday gem blending natural beauty, rich culture, and compelling traditions. Immerse yourself in the Venetian ambience with ochre-colored buildings, stone arches, and Italian street names, preserving the island’s captivating history.

Breeze Tour Villas & Homes in Zakynthos

Greece, a sought-after destination for luxury villas, invites you to embrace its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and unique culture. Explore diverse villa options, from traditional stone houses to modern havens with infinity pools overlooking the Ionian Sea.

Popular villa destinations include Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Corfu, known for picturesque buildings, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. These villas offer sea views, easy beach access, and proximity to amenities.

Zakynthos villas provide a secluded, peaceful escape from tourist crowds. Prices vary based on factors like location and size, peaking during peak seasons. For those seeking a luxurious experience in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, a Greek villa is a worthwhile investment.

Our selection of holiday villas spans Tsilivi, Limni Keri, Vasilikos, Laganas, and more. Catering to diverse tastes, find beachfront, private pool, traditional stone, luxury, honeymoon, and family-friendly villas. Indulge in handpicked villas for unique days of harmony and relaxation.

Explore Zakynthos’s tourist spots like Shipwreck Beach and the city, all within reach from your villa. Experience Greece’s warmth, Mediterranean cuisine, and the shimmering Ionian Sea in the comfort of a Zakynthos villa, where you’ll feel at home with Greek hospitality

Greece villa holidays – Greece villas with pools- Greece luxury villas

Holiday houses villas & apartments in Greece – Ionian Sea in Island Zakynthos

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At Breeze Tour, your holiday experience is our top priority. Our Zante-based villa experts, passionate about this island, ensure personalized service. We regularly visit and inspect our properties. During your stay, we’re just a phone call away. Relax in your villa, free as the wind, and leave the rest to us.

24/7 Concierge

Our team is committed to ensuring an exceptional stay, striving for perfection. Embracing the heartfelt hospitality of Greece, any assistance you need during your Zante villa stay is our priority. From transfer arrangements to travel itineraries, our knowledgeable concierge provides personalized service and takes pride in attending to your every need.

Handpicked Zante villas

Explore our collection of villas and discover the one that speaks to you! With a wide range of vacation homes across the island, your perfect getaway awaits. Unsure of the ideal villa? Let us know your preferences, and we’ll gladly suggest the perfect fit for your stay.

Best rate guarantee

Book directly with us for the best price guarantee. We maintain direct communication with villa owners, ensuring unbeatable value for money. Whether you seek high-end luxury or affordable options, our carefully chosen villas across Zakynthos are tailored to meet your needs.”

Villa Luxury In Greece - Ionian Island in Zakynthos

Greece Zakynthos, Akrotiri

Sea View Villas in Greece - Ionian Sea In Zakynthos

Luxury Villa Andromeda 

Greece Zakynthos, Vasilikos

Villa Holidays in Greece - Rent Villas In Zante

Greece Zakynthos, Agios Kirikas

Villa Holidays 2021 - Sea View Villas Zakynthos 2021

Villa Vakis Sea View

Greece Zakynthos, Porto Koukla

Villas In Greece with private - Villas holidays in Zakynthos

Greece Zakynthos, Agios Sostis

Grèce Zante, Vougiato

Breeze Tour Villas Collection in Greece Best villa rentals in Greece

Greece beckons with luxurious villas, inviting you to immerse in its rich history, breathtaking natural beauty, and unique culture. From traditional stone houses in quaint villages to modern villas with infinity pools overlooking the Ionian Sea, our offerings cater to diverse tastes.

Popular villa destinations include Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Corfu, renowned for whitewashed buildings, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. These retreats provide stunning sea views, convenient access to beaches, restaurants, and amenities.

Zakynthos villas offer a more secluded and peaceful escape from tourist hotspots. Costs vary based on factors like location, size, and amenities, with prices peaking during high seasons. Despite the investment, the experience of a luxurious villa in Greece promises an unforgettable stay in one of the world’s most beautiful countries.