Melissani Cave in Kefalonia

Magic Kefalonia

You will go for an interesting adventure on island Kefalonia. Wonderful and beautiful views, breathtaking panoramas, unusual and amazing natural events, also a lot of interesting and mysterious myths and legends of the island all wait for you. Step by step Kefalonia will show all its unforgettable places.
The trip starts from the northern port of island Zakynthos – this is a port of Saint Nicolas. Cruise in waters of Ionian sea and sea view will stay in your memory for a long time and if you will be lucky you may see dolphins!
The program on island Kefalonia starts off from visiting the temple of Saint Gerasimus. It is a real talisman of the island, the view of the church will make you want to learn about native religious culture. Here you can touch saint relics and visit the cave where the saint lived for 6 years all alone. It is an amazing and unbelievable place with its own energy.
The next stop is the cave Drogaratti which amazes your imagination with its unusual reliefs. Here 60 meters under the ground situated stalactites and stalagmites (their age is more than 20 000 years).  The cave is so huge, that can contain more than 500 people – during summers concerts are being held there. Also you will be able to see the Royal balcony where performed famous opera singers Maria Kallas and Luchiano Pavarotty.
After we will visit the cave Melissani on the bottom of which there is a lake. It is a real natural miracle; it gains sunlight through the hall in the ceiling. You can swim in the lake on a boat and make beautiful pictures.Melissani_Lake_and_Cave_Kefalonia_Greece_20Our way lies through a little village of Agia Efimia where we will make a stop to have a lunch in one of the taverns.
After lunch you will have an opportunity to make wonderful pictures of one of the most famous beaches of island Kefalonia – beach Mirtos. Calm water surface amazes with its color and shades variations, from sky blue to calm deep and dark blue.
We move along with the coastal line and high mountains, entering, finally, the capital of the island – city Argostoli. Visiting old part of Argostoli you will feel a fairytale atmosphere from Venice buildings, get under the power of monumental temples, while our guides will tell you about their traditions, myths and the history of island.
In a great mood we will head back to port Pessada for the ferry to take us from there back to Zakynthos.

 Paid extra: ferry tickets per person, meals, entrance tickets to Drogaratti Cave and Melissani Lake

Take with you: cameras, money, comfortable shoes

Important: you can change the route of the trip with the confirmation of organizers