Agios Nikolaos Volimes Villa Zakynthos

Bus trip “Taste of Zante”

Try the taste of Greece!

Feel the depth of its colors!

Feel the soul of Zakynthos!

Company Breeze Tour offers you an unforgettable excursion on Island Zakynthos. During this excursion you will see a whole island and its most beautiful places!
This is one of the most interesting excursions – you will learn about Zakynthos natives’ mode of life, find out about the history and culture of the island.
Early in the morning car or minibus  (according to your choice) will collect guests of the island and goes off for a fascinating journey around Zakynthos, the island that Venetians called “The Flower of East”.
We are heading through touristic areas and make our first stop – winery. This winery belongs to one of the oldest Zakynthos families, they have been engaging in winemaking since 16th century. The head of the family will show you the technology of production and keeping the wine, also he will treat you with their wine. Trust us, refined taste of Zakynthos wine won’t leave you indifferent! (Do not forget to buy some “souvenirs” for memory)
Now we are moving to the east coast of the island. You will see amazing views. It is time for photo stop. There it is, right in front of your eyes island Kefalonia in a white and blue haze and famous “fry pans” of island Zakynthos.
Our next stop is the northern port of Zakynthos – Saint Nicolas port. We sit in a “kaiki” – it is a traditional Greek fishermen boat and swim to a fairytale! Yes-yes! Famous Blue grottos of Zakynthos wait for you! In those grottos you will see hundreds of shades of blue, emerald green and purple colors. Beautiful pink corals and the cave of a Stranger wait for you. Swimming in a natural pool will stay for a long time in your memory!
Coffee break. Summer tavern on the coast with a  tasty Greek coffee, refreshing cold tea or juice plus unusual deserts  – life is wonderful!!!
After coffee break we are going to a famous observation deck of Navaggio Bay – Bay of Shipwreck. Is there anyone who didn’t see this picture: white sand, wreckage from an old ship and indescribable color of the sea? In 2015 the beach of Navaggio Bay was stated as the most beautiful beach on the planet Earth! You will definitely have time to take photos of this beautiful place.
Then we will go to a village Anaphonotria, local citizens of which are famous for homemade food and handcrafted products. You will be treated with Zakynthos honey; you will try traditional Zakynthos sweets – mandolato, mandoles, pastel; taste a traditional Zakynthos cheese “ladotiry” that will definitely surprise you. Also, pay attention to traditional Zakynthos condiments and mountain tea.
Time for lunch! Luxury tavern and delicious dishes, which absorbed hot sun and salty  intimacy of the sea, fragrant bread, unusual desserts, a lot of fruit and wonderful wine… What else is needed for happiness?
Moreover, our visit to the village Maries will be very interesting. Exactly there is situated the temple of Maria Magdalena, in which you will see miraculous silver icons and even imprint of her footstep.
We almost traveled around all island. Next stop is near a thousand year old olive tree. It is believed that the wish made there will come true.
Last stop before returning will be the olive making factory. Everyone knows that Greece visiting card is to grow olive trees and produce olive oil. Oil-mill “Petrolisaro” exists as a traditional family facility since 1600. A combination of old technologies with modern equipment allows getting famous cold pressed oil. Also, you will see mechanisms that were used in production of oil back in 16th century.  Everyone will not just be able to try olive oil but to buy it too.

This excursion will leave an unforgettable impression. It will be interesting for adults and children.

Paid extra: meals, cruise to Blue Caves

Take with you: swimming costumes, cameras, money

Important: you can change the route of the trip with the confirmation of organizers